Getting Along

A few shots of me and friends hanging out here and there, mostly from the San Francisco area, and mostly in the 1990s.

Most images can be clicked on to see a larger version.

Leo smiles and waves
This shot is from a NeXT Family Picnic back in 1990 or so.
It was this big
Alan Eyzaguirre talks with his hands. This was taken at his old house in Santa Cruz, walking distance to the 41st St. beach.
Recent Leo
Me in the relatively recent past.
I'm fuzzy and I like it that way.
Above, you can see that I was once much, much fuzzier.
Pilot to tower:  Where did you say we were?
Sam Black ( cool and in control, in his private plane over Lake county.
Say cheese!
I'm sure everybody's taken at least one of these mutual-photo-snap pictures, but this is about my favorite. My friend Christyne Sisk and I snapped away.
Auditioning for The Matrix II
Look ma, no hands. Cropped, but otherwise unretouched, souvenier photo from the B'rer Rabbit plume ride at Disneyland.
A mighty tree
Not a personal friend of mine, but still: a beautiful redwood we found in a grove in Novato, on a hike organized by Bill Polson.
This hat is so comfortable I could sleep in it
At left: This could be anybody, but unfortunately it's me. In the Jay/Jules furry cowboy hat, at Esperpento's in the Mission.
Great group of people
At right: David Coons (maybe?), Theresa-Marie Rhyne, Mary Whitton, Bill Kroyer, and myself at the 1996 SIGGRAPH Panels Committee meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Would you like one?
Above: Jack and Li-Whei Palevich hawking the latest Nihongo Surfer (a short-lived Japanese web-surfing aide) at Anime Expo '97 in Los Angeles.
Here's one of the owners of the furry cowboy hat, Jules Ellingson. She's so happy she must be talking about snowboarding or something.
Leo and Karen in Muir Woods
At right: Karen Schwartz and I went on a hike up out of Muir Woods. Even with the camera precariously balanced on a rock, the picture turned out OK.
At left: me and Alyce Kaprow buddying up at SIGGRAPH 99 in Los Angeles.