Mt. Tamalpais


Mt. Tamalpais... the highest point in Marin and the most visible peak from San Francisco. It has a long history and a great vista of the Bay Area... on clear days, anyway. At right, Mt. Tam as seen from the public shoreline in Strawberry.


These days our favorite route up Mt. Tam is to start from the W. Blithedale trailhead in Mill Valley and go up the Railroad Grade to the Temelpa Trail. The Temelpa is steep, meaning you'll be at the top in no time! From Here to Dam At the East Peak of the mountain (now slightly higher than the west peak) is a fire lookout station, the obvious place to rest after the climb.
From Here to Dam No matter where Dan looks, he can't see San Francisco. However, on Christmas Day 2003 I biked up Tam and got the spectacular view of San Francisco on the right. From Here to Dam
From Here to Dam Even on that earlier hike there were better directions to look than the fog-bound Golden Gate. Looking north at Lagunitas and Bon Tiempe lakes; Fairfax is under that fog. From Here to Dam
Also from Christmas Day 2003 is the shot at right. You can clearly see the Tiburon peninsula and Angel Island behind it. The Richardson Bay bridge that carries U.S. 101 across the bay is to the right. Alcatraz is behind it. It's a steep climb up the Temelpa trail, but as you approach the Visitor Center near the top you get views like these.

At the Visitor Center you discover you could have driven up. But that would miss the point!

If you descend down and left via the Fern Canyon Trail, you can get back to Mountain Home Inn and breakfast in only 25 min.

From Here to Dam

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