So you're walking down the street in Okayama, thinking to yourself, "Gosh, what should we spend money on tonight?" You turn the corner, and there's your answer -- Joypolis, Sega's location-based entertainment center chain. Or, to put it another way, Sega's answer to Disney Quest. The yellow-vinyl-jacket with hot-pink-scarf attendant is just visible in the photo below.

Inside is mostly what you'd expect -- video games, arcade games, and some fancier versions of same (I didn't spend quarters to find out how they were this evening, that'll have to wait for my next trip!). However, this looked like a promising bit of kitsch -- Sonic Bowl...

Next to the ad for Sonic Bowl, by the way, is a placard calling for Karaoke, or in this particular case, "segakara". Joyp3.jpg



Sure enough, it's Japan's answer to Rock'n'Bowl, complete with music, colored lights, video games on the overhead monitors, video playback of your strikes, and check out those fully saturated bowling balls!

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