Every Friday night we headed for Apre, a bar in the Katamachi entertainment district. Apre has a pool table, English-speaking bartenders, and darts, but the thing we went there for was


Apre has a single (reservable) Karaoke room. We'd settle in for the evening and work the selection in the Karaoke machine. The teachers and staff from Eurocentres often came along, as seen here where the Senseis Three (Yamamori-sensei, Kojima-sensei, and Osada-sensei) perform.




2. SimonSings.jpg2 3
1. YasukoAndDavid.jpg
99. SimonDances.jpg 3. LesleySezYea.jpg

(clockwise from directly above)
1. Yasuko and David sing an infrequent duet 2. Simon sings a rock song 3. Leslie mugs for the camera (a shock, I realize) 4. Simon rocks out to a rock song 5. Matt belts out a Sinatra tune while Leslie does what Leslie does 6. The Senseis Three finish off a tune 7. Frances sings and reaches for the other mike at the same time 8. Matt croons like Bing 9. Simon REALLY rocks out.

4. SimonDances2.jpg4
88. MattSings.jpg
5. MattAndLesley.jpg5

7. FrancesSingsAndReaches.jpg


6. TheSenseisThree.jpg

Since the second outing was my last night in Kanazawa, we had a merry crew along. Yamamori-sensei and Kojima-sensei sang me a sentimental Japanese ballad, "sayonara daisuke hito" (or "Farewell Favorite Person")... How could I not like that! (middle picture below). In general we had a late night of it...


99. Yasuko ChecksTheLyrics.jpg SayonaraDaisukeHito.jpg 1. MattFromBelow.jpg1
    2. PierreSings.jpg2
88. YamamoriSenseiSolos.jpg

(clockwise from top right)

1. Matt, as seen from below. 2. Pierre came out the second week. He was in on the French song thing (see #9). 3. Seul comes back into the Karaoke Room. 4. Kojima-sensei hits a high note. 5. Frances points at Matt, who's nicely backlit by the outer room of Apre. 6. Matt hesitates over choosing his next (Frank Sinatra) song. 7. Frances pipes out some Cantopop. 8. Yamamori-sensei mid-song. 9. Yasuko checks the lyrics. In order to embarass us Americans who were barely bi-lingual, she stated singing songs in French.

3. Seul Returns.jpg
77. FrancesSings.jpg
      4. Kojima SenseiSinging.jpg4
6 6. MattPicksASong.jpg   5
5.  Matt Thinks.jpg

Thanks to Harry the Cat for all the tacky animated GIFs. I couldn't have done it myself.


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