Kanji Reading Quiz (easy)

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic
化粧品 makeup 125
heavy 81 man with heavy pack (or, cart with doubled wheels)
美人 beautiful woman 100
interval, space, space between, time between 85 sun shining through the space between the gates
車庫 garage 79 car-shed
pig 100 meat + pig
thread 101 silkworm's coccoon
反共 anti-communist 66
大和 Japan 76 big rice in mouth
time, hour 61 sundial at temple
本店 main store 94
下宿 boardinghouse 107 lower-hotel
色目 make eyes at 124
to reflect an image on, to be reflected on 39
木馬 wooden horse (carousel or Trojan) 88
米軍 American Army 79
horse 88
工事 construction 65
日本海 Japan Sea 100
中立 neutral 37
all 130 heaven+earth+man+ruler
heart 69
place 113 door + hacksaw
king 128 holding together heaven, man, and earth
工事中 Under Construction 65
tongue 43 moist mouth
小説 novel 76 small-story
-self 73 also picture of nose
魚屋 fish monger 93
to know 109 arrow-speaking
fish 101
to have, to hold, to own 61 temple-handed
ten thousand 108 from the hindu (backwards) swastika
日本酒 Japanese sake 110
足音 footstep 70
righteous, correct, upright, legitimate 68 toe the line
映画 movie 39
to learn 73 fly-on-your-own-wings
tradesman's shop 93 man with headband plus arrive
東京会館 Tokyo Hall 139
子牛 calf 95
日本 Japan (the country) 28 sun-origin
日中 in the daytime 37
power, strength 30 hand pushing down
書店 bookstore 94
to divide into parts, minute, to understand 111 knife cutting in two
yen (normal) 84 bank teller's cage
left 57 hand holding ruler
to lend, to rent 118 replace goods for money
to work 82 add man to move

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