Kanji Reading Quiz (easy)

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic
十分 enough (note special pronounciation) 112
大水 flood 36
body 56 body-root
hill 66
日本画 Japanese-style painting 39
運送 moving 80
大西洋 Atlantic Ocean 98
西洋 The West 98
安全第一 Safety First 131 all-tranquil number one
to separate, separate 113 knife separating flesh from bones
language 44 said by many
ocean 97 sheep are in the land beyond the ocean
牛乳 cow's milk 97
meat 58
心中 double suicide 70
引力 gravity 108 pulling-power
足音 footstep 70
宿屋 hotel 107
-number, to guard 105 wild beast's footprint
struggle, dispute 63
I, private, mine 75 my rice
military 79 cart with iron bumper on front
菓子 candy 56
town, section of a ward 41
fruit, result (fruit of your effort) 55 tree bearing fruit
east 28 sun behind tree
to learn 63 place where knowledge is put in children
禁煙 No Smoking 145
public 74 split-nose, not private
valley 47 opening in the mountains
heart 69
本店 main store 94
life 54
中国 China 130
知人 acquaintance 109
近代 modern times 117
to love, loved, liked 33 woman + child
barrier 86 barrier at the gate
three 34
日比谷 park in Tokyo 126 comparative-sun-valley
saintly, holy 131 ear next to the mouth of the king
受付中 For Rent 62
capital, capital district 29 lantern
to reflect an image on, to be reflected on 39
工場 factory 114
branch (as in office) 64 holding up a branch
thoery, opinion, story 76 the sayings of big brother with horns
down, below, beneath, to go down, to put down, to give 44
flame 120 two fires
王国 kingdom 129

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