Kanji Reading Quiz (easy)

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic
to move 81 power applied to heaviness
every 32 every man has a mother
older brother 76
hunchback, less-than-best 127 two hunchbacks facing each other
日中 in the daytime 37
大西洋 Atlantic Ocean 98
jewel, round object 129 king with a treasure
一馬力 One horsepower 88
-number, to guard 105 wild beast's footprint
工場 factory 114 build-place
子犬 puppy 104
協力 cooperation 35
-build, -builder 57 ruler
入口 entrance 53
sound 70 when the sun rises the sound of life begins
母音 vowel 70 mother-sound
I, private, mine 75 my rice
female, woman 31
子牛 calf 95
rice paddy 30
milk 97 hand holding a bottle against a breast
wings 29
-self 73 also picture of nose
温泉 hot springs 102
西日本 far west Japan 91
悪口 malign, slander 128 or badmouth!
中立 neutral 37
door 88
sun, day 27
place 113 door + hacksaw
支店 branch store 94
interval, space, space between, time between 85 sun shining through the space between the gates
time, hour 61 sundial at temple
oil 48
赤外線 infrared ray 123 red-outside-line
ocean 97 sheep are in the land beyond the ocean
middle, inside 37
見習 apprentice, on-the-job-trainee 74 see-learn
tradesman's shop 93 man with headband plus arrive
north 126 two men back-to-back
tree, wood 27
和室 Japanese-style room 93
against, anti- 66
early, fast, quick 51 flower-sun
nose 73
小説 novel 76 small-story
friend-related 57 hands clasping
alcohol 110 jar containing alcohol plus water to show the jar is full
私立 privately operated 75
to learn 63 place where knowledge is put in children

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