Kanji Writing Quiz (easy)

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic

tomo, yuu friend-related 57 hands clasping

uketsukechuu For Rent 62

mono butsu things, articles 96 cow +elephant

honten main store 94

mana(bu) gaku to learn 63 place where knowledge is put in children

taionkei thermometer 103 body-warmth-measure

tamago egg (archaic writing) 129 two sperm

yen yen (normal) 84 bank teller's cage

shita ge down, below, beneath, to go down, to put down, to give 44

zei -tax 76 rice stalk being inspected by big brother with horns

yama san mountain 46

shitsu, shichi nature, quality, character, to pawn 116 two hacksaws above a shell, ready to cut it open

en smoke 121 fire on the ground blown by the prevailing west wind

naka naka, chuu middle, inside 37

hanabi fireworks 126 flower flames

shi(ru) chi to know 109 arrow-speaking

sei life 54

minarai apprentice, on-the-job-trainee 74 see-learn

chuukan midway 86 middle-between

mai every 32 every man has a mother

matsu pine tree 74 public tree

yuumei famous 58 has-name

furu(i) ko old 40 many mouths

yado shuku hotel 107 a hundred men under a roof

oo king 128 holding together heaven, man, and earth

taka(i) kou high, expensive, high-quality 133 two-story palace

ko shi child 33

ka fruit, result (fruit of your effort) 55 tree bearing fruit

iro color, things erotic 124 peeping tom on roof

iriguchi entrance 53

oto on, in sound 70 when the sun rises the sound of life begins

mon gate 84

choujo eldest daughter 127

otoko dan male, man 30 rice paddy + power

chiji governor 109 know-things

shinbun newspaper 115 new hearings

gunjin military person 79

yo(mu) doku to read 83 to sell speaking

inryoku gravity 108 pulling-power

watakushi shi I, private, mine 75 my rice

shin trust 42 a man and his word

taxi-dai taxi fare 117 the money replaces the service

(o)kaa(san) bo mother 31

juu ten 35

yuu, yuube evening 49 moon behind mountain

toku special- 97 bull in the temple (that's special!)

chuukohin secondhand goods 40 middle old goods

youshiki western style 119

ka confectionary-related 56 with bushes

kuruma sha car, cart 78

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