Kanji Writing Quiz (easy)

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic

yadoya hotel 107

Kyoudou Together-Same (news service name) 136

mana(bu) gaku to learn 63 place where knowledge is put in children

toki ji time, hour 61 sundial at temple

shiin consonant 70 child-sound

sei saintly, holy 131 ear next to the mouth of the king

musensha taxi with a radio 122

koushi calf 95

chikara ryoku, riki power, strength 30 hand pushing down

shinjuku new hotel (place name in Tokyo) 115

kansai Western Japan 86 west of the barrier

kyouryoku cooperation 35

taionkei thermometer 103 body-warmth-measure

kuchi, guchi kou mouth, opening 37

beikokujin American 130

san three 34

aka, aka(i) seki red 123 flame below the earth

jiji current events 65 time-things

shou business 143 merchant opening box to display wares

oku(ru) sou to send 80 to transport around the barrier

ka(waru) dai, yo to replace, replacement, substitute, renewal 116 in war, an axe can sometimes replace a man

gunjin military person 79

shin trust 42 a man and his word

onshitsu greenhouse, hothouse 103 warm-room

shinjuu double suicide 70

yakuniku Japanese food 120

arasou sou struggle, dispute 63

boin vowel 70 mother-sound

taiseiyou Atlantic Ocean 98

chii(sai) ko, shou, o small 34 man with arms down at sides

uru bai to sell 83 coming out of buying

abura yu oil 48

yado shuku hotel 107 a hundred men under a roof

ka confectionary-related 56 with bushes

yasuuri rummage sale 101

shuka chinese restaurant that serves liquor 111 wine-house

meibutsu souvenier 96 name-article

honten main store 94

ba, jou place where things happen 114 ground, sun, and flags

mamo(ru) shu to guard, to protect 59 law under a roof

tsuchi to, do earth, place 52

akita Japanese dog breed 121 burning field dog

han against, anti- 66

a(keru), hira(ku) kai to open 87 two hands removing the bar from the gate

Tokyo Kaikan Tokyo Hall 139

(o)nii(san) older brother 76

unsou moving 80

oo king 128 holding together heaven, man, and earth

aki autumn 121 burning rice

omo(i) juu heavy 81 man with heavy pack (or, cart with doubled wheels)

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