Kanji Writing Quiz (easy)

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic

kai shell (seashell) 82

ki -ware or -vessel 104 four mouths around a dog (from when dogmeat was a delicacy)

matsu pine tree 74 public tree

shitsu room 92 arriving under a roof

ugo(ku) dou to move 81 power applied to heaviness

ta, da rice paddy 30

eki station 89 man with a shovel next to his horse

ito thread 101 silkworm's coccoon

gunjin military person 79

kuruma sha car, cart 78

Akadama Red-ball Wine, oldest domestic wine 129

deguchi exit 53

nitchuu in the daytime 37

saka hill 66

chuukan midway 86 middle-between

yado shuku hotel 107 a hundred men under a roof

oo(i) ta many 50 many moons

meibutsu souvenier 96 name-article

seki kan barrier 86 barrier at the gate

ku, koo -build, -builder 57 ruler

chuuritsu neutral 37

ashioto footstep 70

i doctor 109 pull-arrow-out-of-chest

taiseiyou Atlantic Ocean 98

kusuri medicine 146 pleasure + plants

uketsuke receptionist 62

yuushoku supper, dinner 136

man ten thousand 108 from the hindu (backwards) swastika

shain employee 141

ou exact middle 38

tada(shii) sei, shou righteous, correct, upright, legitimate 68 toe the line

tori bird 89

mai every 32 every man has a mother

chii(sai) ko, shou, o small 34 man with arms down at sides

tsuki getsu, gatsu moon, month 48

taxi-dai taxi fare 117 the money replaces the service

su(ku), su(ki) to love, loved, liked 33 woman + child

u(mu), u(mareru) to give birth, to be born 54

zen all 130 heaven+earth+man+ruler

geshuku boardinghouse 107 lower-hotel

hi(ku) in to pull 108 bow and arrow

hitsuji you sheep 97

ke mo -hair 73

boin vowel 70 mother-sound

taionkei thermometer 103 body-warmth-measure

ichi one 34

a(ru) yuu to have, to exist 58 hand holding meat

wa(keru), wa(karu) fun to divide into parts, minute, to understand 111 knife cutting in two

zeikan Customs House 87 tax-barrier

kyouritsuu cooperative, joint, common 63

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