Kanji Writing Quiz (easy)

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic

minarai apprentice, on-the-job-trainee 74 see-learn

toki ji time, hour 61 sundial at temple

Nihon Kokunai Japan's (former) domestic airways 136

a(u) kai to meet, meeting 139 two noses under one roof

yuuyake sunset 120 burnt evening

tani tani, ya valley 47 opening in the mountains

chuu to pour, to concentrate 132 put water on the altar flame

to(maru), to(meru) shi to stop, to be stopped 67

oo king 128 holding together heaven, man, and earth

sekiyu petroleum 48 rock-oil

ugo(ku) dou to move 81 power applied to heaviness

boin vowel 70 mother-sound

shita tongue 43 moist mouth

mori forest 55

yasumono inferior goods 101

kintou Middle East 115 near east

naka naka, chuu middle, inside 37

jidousha automobile 81 self-move-car

i(ku) kou to go 77 crossroads

mizu sui, mizu water 36 squeeze a river

kashishitsu uketsukechuu office for rent 118

zeikan Customs House 87 tax-barrier

gyuunyuu cow's milk 97

ki moku tree, wood 27

oki(i) ou, dai big 33 man with arms outstretched

izumi sen natural spring 102 white (=pure) water

chuuritsu neutral 37

chikara ryoku, riki power, strength 30 hand pushing down

ke mo -hair 73

shou to apply paint to, to apply powder to, to embellish 125 rice (original cosmetic) plus earth stored under a lean-to

seiyou The West 98

chijin acquaintance 109

sakana fish 101

chou unit of measure 41

fuyu winter 104 icicles hanging from eaves

nippon, nihon Japan (the country) 28 sun-origin

setsu thoery, opinion, story 76 the sayings of big brother with horns

chuukan midway 86 middle-between

shi branch (as in office) 64 holding up a branch

yuushoku supper, dinner 136

kai, gai avenue 77 crossroads widened with earth

baiten stall at station or park 94

Yuurakuchou Have-Pleasure-Town (district near Ginza) 146

kou public 74 split-nose, not private

mihon sample 72 see-original

zennihon All-Japan 131

iro color, things erotic 124 peeping tom on roof

seki kan barrier 86 barrier at the gate

hito jin, nin person, species mankind 32

you ocean 97 sheep are in the land beyond the ocean

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