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I moved out of the interactive group at Pixar in November 1996. My first project was to be drafted into the effort to finish up a small project a group of us who could be spared from the feature films were working on -- a short named Geri's Game.

As it turned out, we finished up in November of that year, just in time to be considered for Oscar nominations. And amazingly Geri's Game won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film! Jan Pinkava, our determined director, accepted graciously and thanked many of us by name (myself included). I had to admit that there was something satisfying about having your name said on the air!

We had the Geri's Game wrap party in Santa Monica immediately following the premiere. Check out the photos here.

Following the completion of Geri's Game, I joined most of Pixar already working on A Bug's Life.

I was an effect artist -- to find out what that meant, check out the A Bug's Life page.

The ABL wrap party was at the fabulous Paramount Theater in Oakland, organized by the incomparable Kevin Reher. Check out the action here.

And, in 1999, I got to be an effects artist on Toy Story 2, a truly hilarious movie! I worked on effect again, doing lens flares, lasers, the superballs in the Toy Barn sequence, and, uh, other stuff at the beginning of the movie. After everyone's seen the movie I'll put up some examples of what I did... for now you'll have to just enjoy the movie at your local theater. Toy Story 2 opens just before Thanksgiving 1999.