Easy Kanji Reading Quiz

Kanji Kun Reading On Reading Meaning Page # Mnemonic
mother 31
日中 in the daytime 37
place where things happen 114 ground, sun, and flags
協力 cooperation 35
出口 exit 53
洋酒 Western liquor 110
woods 55
-employee 83 man-who-speaks-of-money
shell (seashell) 82
-ordinal 106 bamboo abacus
left 57 hand holding ruler
国内 domestic 135 inside-country
魚屋 fish monger 93
近所 neighborhood 115
rice paddy 30
東洋人 Easterner 98
西洋 The West 98
person, species mankind 32
hundred 107 one bag of rice weighs a hundred pounds
to stand, standing 34
to see 72 eye on a man
to lend, to rent 118 replace goods for money
beautiful 100 you know, like a big sheep
人事 personnel (department) 65
中古品 secondhand goods 40 middle old goods
to buy 83 gather shells with a net
right (the direction) 58 hand and mouth
mouth, opening 37
安物 inferior goods 101
説明 explanation 76 theory-clear
見本 sample 72 see-original
左折 left turn 114
書店 bookstore 94
name 49 call out the name in the evening
up, above, atop, to go up, to give, to put up 44
自動車 automobile 81 self-move-car
pine tree 74 public tree
時間 time 85
-build, -builder 57 ruler
time, hour 61 sundial at temple
town, section of a ward 41
母音 vowel 70 mother-sound
male, man 30 rice paddy + power
to put in, to enter 36
大西洋 Atlantic Ocean 98
大宮 Big-shrine (Tokyo area) 135
picture, boundary 39
exact middle 38
to send 80 to transport around the barrier
京王 Capital King (department store name) 128

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