Carman High School Class of '78

Last updated August 2006

Thanks to the 20-year reunion committee (Phil Guerra, Dave Saidoo, Polly Hammond, Steve Taft, Judy McCulloch-Streetman, and Janice Clifford), I got to see a lot of old faces and think about some old times this summer. I dug out these old photos and scanned 'em in -- I'm not quite sure who everyone is anymore, so if you recognize somebody, let me know. Or, if you want to send me some more photos to put up here for everyone to share, send 'em my way -- it doesn't take too long to get these up here.

Click on the small images to see a larger version. Enjoy!

These are pictures I took (in grainy Tri-X glory) on the last day of senior year. Both '78 and '79 folks can be seen within...  Last Day of School
June 1978
 Laura Dahlgren, Brian Ketchum ???, and Linda Massaris   LD-MasSm.jpg
 Matt Mrasek gets a kick from Linda Massaris, while Dave Piotrowski looks into space   LD-PiotS.jpg
 Sandi Burt, Cheryl Kiel, Sue Hallitt, and Stacey Nyman   LD-SQSSm.jpg
 Derek Connors, Lisa Wolfe, yours truly (wow! was I geeky), and Carrie Gall in Civ/Econ.   LD-CivSm.jpg
 Sandi and Stacey say hi   LD-SSSSm.jpg
 Sue Woodward, Shari Boone, Bennie Fisher, and Glenna Adams in the Journalism room   LD-JouSm.jpg
 Brian Lirones, Sabrina Teer, ???, and Pam Jacques were on the other side of Civ/Econ   LD-CivSm.jpg
 Kevin Kirbitz wolfs it down.   KevinSm.jpg
 Dave Morgan sits tight   LD-DavSm.jpg
Our Old Teachers   A few of the instructors from way back when...
  FloSm.jpg Mr. Flo -- Bob Florkowski. Still lives in Walnut Square Apartments!
  ChrisSm.jpg  "Wild Bill" Chrisman
  AckSm.jpg  Linda gives "Sir Maurice" Ackeley a kiss goodbye
  MayerQSm.jpg "Sizzlin Scott" Szapa looks up.

Thanks to Teddi Spooner and Shari Boone for some photo credit help.