Street in Harajuku Looking down on Harajuku Stadium in Harajuku
Harajuku is a trendy area of Tokyo between Shibuya and Yoyogi park. These are three views down streets of Harajuku from a pedestrian overpass near Meiji-jingumae. That large building in the distance is a sports stadium of some kind -- apparently part of the National Yoyogi Gymnasium.
Building in Harajuku I couldn't resist this composition.  
A Shopping Street in Harajuku On one of my last days on Tokyo, I wandered up and down on this shopping street. It was fun to watch the crowd wax and wane throughout the morning, and people-watch all the shopping and shops. More of the shopping street
Crowds at the Edge The shopping street ended at Harajuku stationon the Yamanote-sen, and I scored this seat at a coffeeshop to sit and sketch the crowds that accumulated waiting for the walk sign after every train arrived.
Harakjuku Eki without train Here's the reference photo I took of the scene.
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