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hi nichi sun, day 27
ki moku tree, wood 27
hon hon, moto root, origin, book bottom of tree 28
nippon, nihon Japan (the country) 日本 sun-origin 28
higashi tou, azuma east sun behind tree 28
kyou, kei capital, capital district lantern 29
hane wings 29
ta, da rice paddy 30
chikara ryoku, riki power, strength hand pushing down 30
otoko dan male, man rice paddy + power 30
onna jo female, woman 31
(o)kaa(san) bo mother 31
hito jin, nin person, species mankind 32
mai every every man has a mother 32
ko shi child 33
su(ku), su(ki) to love, loved, liked woman + child 33
oki(i) ou, dai big man with arms outstretched 33
chii(sai) ko, shou, o small man with arms down at sides 34
ta(tsu) ritsu, tachi to stand, standing 34
ichi one 34
ni two 34
san three 34
go five 35
juu ten 35
kyou to join together, to unite 35
kyouryoku cooperation 協力 35
kawa, gawa river 35
mizu sui, mizu water squeeze a river 36
oumizu flood 大水 36
i(reru), hai(ru) nyuu to put in, to enter 36
kuchi, guchi kou mouth, opening 37
naka naka, chuu middle, inside 37
chuuritsu neutral 中立 37
nitchuu in the daytime 日中 37
jochuu housemaid 女中 38
ou exact middle 38
chuuou middle, center 中央 38
utsu(su), utsu(ru) ei to reflect an image on, to be reflected on 39
ga picture, boundary 39
eiga movie 映画 39
nihonga Japanese-style painting 日本画 39
furu(i) ko old many mouths 40
shina shina, hin goods 40
chuukohin secondhand goods 中古品 middle old goods 40
ku district, section, ward 41
machi machi, chou town, section of a ward 41
chou unit of measure 41
i(u) to say mouth speaking its lines 42
shin trust a man and his word 42
haka(ru) kei to count, to measure 42
shita tongue moist mouth 43
hana(su) wa to talk to talk requires more than to say 43
katsu life, energy water-tongue 44
go language said by many 44
ue, a(garu), a(geru) jo up, above, atop, to go up, to give, to put up 44
shita ge down, below, beneath, to go down, to put down, to give 44
jooeichuu Now Playing 上映中 45
gesui sewage 下水 down-water 45
yama san mountain 46
tani tani, ya valley opening in the mountains 47
ishi seki stone hold up against the hill 47
abura yu oil 48
sekiyu petroleum 石油 rock-oil 48
tsuki getsu, gatsu moon, month 48
yuu, yuube evening moon behind mountain 49
soto, hoka gai outside, outdoors, besides evening-divining rod 49
na mei name call out the name in the evening 49
meijin famous person 名人 name-person 50
oo(i) ta many many moons 50
aka(rui) mei bright 50
hika(ru), hika(ri) kou rays of light, to shine, to sparkle 51
haya(i) early, fast, quick flower-sun 51
asa morning two-flower-sun 52
tsuchi to, do earth, place 52
doboku civil engineering 土木 52
de(ru) de, shutsu to come out 53
deguchi exit 出口 53
iriguchi entrance 入口 53
u(mu), u(mareru) to give birth, to be born 54
nama raw, draft (for beer) 54
sei life 54
kome bei uncooked rice, America bundled rice stalks 54
shiro(i) haku white single grain of rice 55
hayashi woods 55
mori forest 55
ka fruit, result (fruit of your effort) tree bearing fruit 55
ka confectionary-related with bushes 56
kashi candy 菓子 56
yasu(mu) kyuu to rest person leaning against tree 56
karada tai body body-root 56
te hand 57
tomo, yuu friend-related hands clasping 57
tomodachi friend 友達 57
hidari sa left hand holding ruler 57
ku, koo -build, -builder ruler 57
daiku carpenter 大工 57
jinkou man-made 人工 57
migi u right (the direction) hand and mouth 58
niku meat 58
a(ru) yuu to have, to exist hand holding meat 58
yuumei famous 有名 has-name 58
sun measure of distance, measure of justice 58
mura son village jungle + law = village 59
mamo(ru) shu to guard, to protect law under a roof 59
tera ji temple law-place 60
shi poem temple-speaking 60
toki ji time, hour sundial at temple 61
mo(tsu) ji to have, to hold, to own temple-handed 61
tsu(ku), tsu(keru) to attach, to be attached 61
u(keru) ju to receive 62
uketsuke receptionist 受付 62
uketsukechuu For Rent 受付中 62
arasou sou struggle, dispute 63
kyou together 63
kyouritsuu cooperative, joint, common 共立 63
mana(bu) gaku to learn place where knowledge is put in children 63
shi branch (as in office) holding up a branch 64
shiji support 支持 64
eda branch of a tree branch + tree 64
ka(ku) sho to write, written things hand holding brush to paper 64
koto, ji thing, happening, affair brush up, ready for anything 65
kouji construction 工事 65
koujichuu Under Construction 工事中 65
jinji personnel (department) 人事 65
jiji current events 時事 time-things 65
han against, anti- 66
hango irony 反語 66
hankyou anti-communist 反共 66
saka hill 66
to(maru), to(meru) shi to stop, to be stopped 67
chuushi suspended, cancelled 中止 67
ashi leg, foot 67
tada(shii) sei, shou righteous, correct, upright, legitimate toe the line 68
kokoro shin heart 69
shoshin faint-hearted, timidity, cautiousness 小心 small of heart 70
kokorozuke tip (advice), tip (gratuity) 心付 70
shinjuu double suicide 心中 70
oto on, in sound when the sun rises the sound of life begins 70
ashioto footstep 足音 70
boin vowel 母音 mother-sound 70
shiin consonant 子音 child-sound 70
iso(gu) kyuu to hurry, sudden, urgent, emergency two hands held over the heart 71
i mind, spirit, feelings, thoughts sound of the heart 71
me eye 71
bou -hat a man measuring cloth to shield the eyes from the sun 71
boushi hat 帽子 71
mi(ru) to see eye on a man 72
mihon sample 見本 see-original 72
mimi ear 72
to(ru) to take hand tearing off ear 72
ha teeth 73
ke mo -hair 73
hana nose 73
ji -self also picture of nose 73
nara(u) shuu to learn fly-on-your-own-wings 73
minarai apprentice, on-the-job-trainee 見習 see-learn 74
kou public split-nose, not private 74
matsu pine tree public tree 74
watakushi shi I, private, mine my rice 75
shiritsu privately operated 私立 75
wa peaceful, placid, tranquil, harmony rice in mouth 75
yamato Japan 大和 big rice in mouth 76
(o)nii(san) older brother 76
zei -tax rice stalk being inspected by big brother with horns 76
setsu thoery, opinion, story the sayings of big brother with horns 76
shousetsu novel 小説 small-story 76
setsumei explanation 説明 theory-clear 76
setsumeisho instruction sheet 説明書 explanation-writing 76
i(ku) kou to go crossroads 77
kyuukou express 急行 hurry-go 77
kai, gai avenue crossroads widened with earth 77
ma(tsu) tai to wait go to the temple and wait 77
mawasu, mawaru kai to turn, to rotate, counter for times 78
kuruma sha car, cart 78
ko -shed cart under roof 79
shako garage 車庫 car-shed 79
gun military cart with iron bumper on front 79
beigun American Army 米軍 79
gunjin military person 軍人 79
hako(bu) un to transport, to carry, fate, destiny, luck the (armored) cart goes 79
oku(ru) sou to send to transport around the barrier 80
unsou moving 運送 80
omo(i) juu heavy man with heavy pack (or, cart with doubled wheels) 81
ugo(ku) dou to move power applied to heaviness 81
jidousha automobile 自動車 self-move-car 81
undou exercise, political movement 運動 82
hatara(ku) dou to work add man to move 82
kai shell (seashell) 82
ka(u) bai to buy gather shells with a net 83
uru bai to sell coming out of buying 83
baibai trade 売買 buy-sell 83
yo(mu) doku to read to sell speaking 83
in -employee man-who-speaks-of-money 83
kouin factory hand 工員 83
yen yen (formal) clerk backed up against coin 84
yen yen (normal) bank teller's cage 84
mon gate 84
suimon sluice gate 水門 84
nyuumon elementary, primer 入門 entrance gate 84
ki(ku) bun to ask, to hear ear at gate 85
aida kan, ma interval, space, space between, time between sun shining through the space between the gates 85
jikan time 時間 85
chuukan midway 中間 middle-between 86
nihonma Japanese-style room 日本間 room = space between walls 86
seki kan barrier barrier at the gate 86
kantou Eastern Japan 関東 east of the barrier 86
kansai Western Japan 関西 west of the barrier 86
zeikan Customs House 税関 tax-barrier 87
a(keru), hira(ku) kai to open two hands removing the bar from the gate 87
to(jiru) hei to close a gate with the bar firmly in place 87
to door 88
uma ba horse 88
basha carriage 馬車 88
mokuba wooden horse (carousel or Trojan) 木馬 88
ichibariki One horsepower 一馬力 88
baniku Horsemeat 馬肉 88
eki station man with a shovel next to his horse 89
ben, bin mail, departure, convienence, feces 便 man standing by a horse ready to mount 89
tori bird 89
shima to island bird flying over mountain 90
nishi sei, sai west 西 bird returning to nest at dusk 91
nishinihon far west Japan 西日本 91
you day-of-week sun-flying-by-on-bird's-wings 91
itaru to arrive (archaic) bird diving to ground 92
shitsu room arriving under a roof 92
washitsu Japanese-style room 和室 93
ya tradesman's shop man with headband plus arrive 93
nikuya Butcher's shop 肉屋 93
sakanaya fish monger 魚屋 93
mise ten shop long-nosed clerk under a lean-to 94
shoten bookstore 書店 94
honten main store 本店 94
shiten branch store 支店 94
baiten stall at station or park 売店 94
fu anti-, not-, in-, un- bird flying up but blocked 95
fuben inconvenient 不便 95
fumei unclear 不明 95
ushi gyuu cow, cattle 95
koushi calf 子牛 95
gyuuniku beef 牛肉 95
mono butsu things, articles cow +elephant 96
monogatari stories, tales 物語 tell-things 96
meibutsu souvenier 名物 name-article 96
urimono for sale 売物 96
kaimono shopping 買物 96
toku special- bull in the temple (that's special!) 97
tokkyuu special express 特急 97
nyuu milk hand holding a bottle against a breast 97
gyuunyuu cow's milk 牛乳 97
hitsuji you sheep 97
youmou wool 羊毛 97
you ocean sheep are in the land beyond the ocean 97
seiyou The West 西洋 98
seiyoujin Westerner 西洋人 98
touyoujin Easterner 東洋人 98
taiseiyou Atlantic Ocean 大西洋 98
youhinten Western goods store 用品店 98
youma Western-style room 洋間 98
yougashi Western-style sweets 洋菓子 99
umi kai sea every water 100
nihonkai Japan Sea 日本海 100
kaijou maritime 海上 on-the-sea 100
utsukushi bi beautiful you know, like a big sheep 100
bijin beautiful woman 美人 100
buta ton pig meat + pig 100
ie ka house originally pig-house, now all 101
yasui an peace, cheap, inexpensive a woman under a roof 101
yasumono inferior goods 安物 101
yasuuri rummage sale 安売 101
sakana fish 101
ito thread silkworm's coccoon 101
keito woolen thread 毛糸 101
izumi sen natural spring white (=pure) water 102
sara plate, dish 102
on warm sun warming water on a plate 102
onsen hot springs 温泉 102
taionkei thermometer 体温計 body-warmth-measure 103
onshitsu greenhouse, hothouse 温室 warm-room 103
sen line line the falling water from a spring makes 103
kousen light beams 光線 103
fuyu winter icicles hanging from eaves 104
owaru, owari to end, ending the "winter" of a thread 104
inu dog 104
koinu puppy 子犬 104
inugoya doghouse 犬小屋 dog-small-house 104
ki -ware or -vessel four mouths around a dog (from when dogmeat was a delicacy) 104
doki earthenware 土器 105
ban -number, to guard wild beast's footprint 105
ichiban the best, number one 一番 105
bannin watchman 番人 105
monban gatekeeper 門番 105
take bamboo 106
dai -ordinal bamboo abacus 106
daiichi first 第一 106
hyaku hundred one bag of rice weighs a hundred pounds 107
yado shuku hotel 宿 a hundred men under a roof 107
yadoya hotel 宿屋 107
geshuku boardinghouse 下宿 lower-hotel 107
sen chi thousand ten + men 107
man ten thousand from the hindu (backwards) swastika 108
hi(ku) in to pull bow and arrow 108
inryoku gravity 引力 pulling-power 108
ya arrow 109
shi(ru) chi to know arrow-speaking 109
chimei well-known 知名 109
chijin acquaintance 知人 109
chiji governor 知事 know-things 109
i doctor pull-arrow-out-of-chest 109
sake shu alcohol jar containing alcohol plus water to show the jar is full 110
nihonshu Japanese sake 日本酒 110
youshu Western liquor 洋酒 110
sakaba bar (traditional) 酒場 110
sakaya liquor store 酒屋 110
shuka chinese restaurant that serves liquor 酒家 wine-house 111
katana knife, sword 111
wa(keru), wa(karu) fun to divide into parts, minute, to understand knife cutting in two 111
juubun enough (note special pronounciation) 十分 112
ri profit cutting the rice (or pie) 112
rimawari yearly interest paid on bonds 利回 profit-go-round 113
furi unprofitable 不利 113
rikou clever, smart, shrewd 利口 profit-mouth 113
betsu to separate, separate knife separating flesh from bones 113
tokoro sho, jo place door + hacksaw 113
ba, jou place where things happen ground, sun, and flags 114
kouba factory 工場 build-place 114
koujou factory 工場 114
undoujou playground 運動場 exercise-place 114
o(ru) setsu to bend, to turn, to fold, to crease hand + hacksaw 114
sasetsu left turn 左折 114
usetsu right turn 右折 114
chikai kin nearby, close hacksaw taking off some of the movement 115
kinjo neighborhood 近所 115
kinjitsu koukai Opening Soon 近日公開 near-days-public-opening 115
kintou Middle East 近東 near east 115
atara(shii) shin new each new stand of timber will be cut 115
shinbun newspaper 新聞 new hearings 115
shinjuku new hotel (place name in Tokyo) 新宿 115
shitsu, shichi nature, quality, character, to pawn two hacksaws above a shell, ready to cut it open 116
shitsumon question 質問 asking-the-nature 116
hinshitsu quality of goods 品質 116
shichiya pawn shop 質屋 116
ka(waru) dai, yo to replace, replacement, substitute, renewal in war, an axe can sometimes replace a man 116
daishoya scribe 代書屋 replace-write-tradesman 117
taxi-dai taxi fare タクシー代 the money replaces the service 117
kindai modern times 近代 117
ka(su), ka(shi) to lend, to rent replace goods for money 118
kashishitsu uketsukechuu office for rent 貸室受付中 118
shiki style, method, ceremony axe and ruler 119
nihonshiki japanese style 日本式 119
amerikashiki american style アメリカ式 119
youshiki western style 洋式 119
shikijou ceremony hall 式場 119
hi ka fire-related 120
kaji fire, "Fire!" 火事 fire-affair 120
kazan volcano 火山 120
honou en flame two fires 120
ya(ku), ya(keru) to bake, to burn, to roast fire added to earth on a table (early ceramics) 120
yuuyake sunset 夕焼 burnt evening 120
yakuniku Japanese food 焼肉 120
yakiba crematorium 焼場 burning-place 120
en smoke fire on the ground blown by the prevailing west wind 121
aki autumn burning rice 121
akita Japanese dog breed 秋田 burning field dog 121
nai, nashi mu nothing what's left after you burn a bundle of grass 121
musen wireless 無線 122
musensha taxi with a radio 無線車 122
mukuchi taciturn, silent 無口 122
kuro(i) koku black 黒い window darkened by soot from a fire 122
aka, aka(i) seki red flame below the earth 123
sekigaisen infrared ray 赤外線 red-outside-line 123
ao, ao(i) blue, green moon rising through foliage 123
doku poison leaves + mother (?) 123
iro color, things erotic peeping tom on roof 124
irome make eyes at 色目 124
abu(nai) ki dangerous man looking over cliff at friend who lies below 124
ka, ke change from one form to another person standing + person seated 125
keshou makeup 化粧 change paint 125
shou to apply paint to, to apply powder to, to embellish rice (original cosmetic) plus earth stored under a lean-to 125
keshouhin makeup 化粧品 125
keshoushitsu powder room 化粧室 125
kagaku chemistry 化学 change-study 125
hana ka flower plants + changing form 125
hanaya flower shop 花屋 125
hanabi fireworks 花火 flower flames 126
ikebana Japanese flower arranging 生花 living flowers 126
kita hoku north two men back-to-back 126
hokkai north sea (of Japan) 北海 126
kura(beru) hi to compare two men facing the same way 126
hibiya park in Tokyo 日比谷 comparative-sun-valley 126
naga(i) chou long, senior (long service) old man w/cane, hair blowing in wind 127
ekichou station chief 駅長 127
shitenchou branch manager 支店長 127
koujouchou factory manager 工場長 127
choujo eldest daughter 長女 127
chounan eldest son 長男 127
a hunchback, less-than-best two hunchbacks facing each other 127
waru(i) aku bad hunchback + heart 128
waruguchi malign, slander 悪口 or badmouth! 128
akka to worsen 悪化 bad-change 128
oo king holding together heaven, man, and earth 128
Sannou Mountain King (hotel name) 山王 128
Keiou Capital King (department store name) 京王 128
Keiousen Railroad line that runs west from Shinjuku 京王線 128
tama jewel, round object king with a treasure 129
juuendama 10-yen coin 十円玉 129
medama eyeball 目玉 129
medamayaki sunny side up eggs 目玉焼き eyeball-style-food 129
tamago egg 玉子 little-jewel 129
tamago egg (archaic writing) two sperm 129
Akadama Red-ball Wine, oldest domestic wine 赤玉 129
kuni koku country, nation jewel in a boundary 129
oukoku kingdom 王国 129
kokuou king 国王 129
kyouwakoku republic 共和国 joint peace country 129
gaikoku foreign country 外国 129
gaikokujin foreigner 外国人 129
gaijin foreigner 外人 129
beikoku America 米国 130
beikokujin American 米国人 130
chuugoku China 中国 130
chugoku region of Japan around Hiroshima 中国 130
takara hou treasure jewel under a roof 130
kokuhou national treasure 国宝 130
houseki jewels (more elegant than tama) 宝石 130
touhou Eastern Treasure moviehouse chain 東宝 130
zen all heaven+earth+man+ruler 130
zennihon All-Japan 全日本 131
zenbei All-America 全米 131
zenkoku all-nation 全国 131
zentai entirely 全体 all-body 131
anzen daiichi Safety First 安全第一 all-tranquil number one 131
sei saintly, holy ear next to the mouth of the king 131
seijin saint 聖人 131
seisho Bible, holy book 聖書 131
shu lord, master altar flame burned in reverence 132
(go)shujin husband 主人 132
shuryoku main force 主力 132
chuu to pour, to concentrate put water on the altar flame 132
chuui pay attention, be careful, beware 注意 concentrate-your-mind-on 132
su(mu) juu to live, to dwell man is the master of his dwelling 133
juusho address 住所 dwell-place 133
Sumitomo Living Friend (financial firm) 住友 133
chu to stop or stay leave your horse at a dwelling 133
chuusha park your car 駐車 133
chuushajou parking lot 駐車場 133
taka(i) kou high, expensive, high-quality two-story palace 133
Takashimaya Tall-Island-Shop (department store name) 高島屋 134
Takamatsu High-pine (city on Shikoku) 高松 134
Koochi Lofty-Wisdom (prefecture on Shikoku) 高知 134
miya gu shrine, place one-story palace 134
Miyamoto Shrine-origin (family name) 宮本 135
Miyakawa Shrine-river (family name) 宮川 135
Miyashita Below-shrine (family name) 宮下 135
Oomiya Big-shrine (Tokyo area) 大宮 135
Ninomiya Second-shrine (town on the Tokkaido) 二宮 135
uchi nai entered, inside, within, during, among house + enter 135
naikai inland sea 内海 135
kokunai domestic 国内 inside-country 135
Nihon Kokunai Japan's (former) domestic airways 日本国内 136
ona(ji) dou same house with everyone speaking from a single mouth 136
Kyoudou Together-Same (news service name) 共同 136
ta(beru) shoku to eat, food, meal rice being cooked on a flame under a roof 136
yuushoku supper, dinner 夕食 136
shokuhin food (at a store) 食品 136
shokki tableware, cutlery 食器 136
shokujin cannabilism 食人 137
no(mu) in to drink, beverage eat + person w/open mouth 137
nomimizu drinking water (potable water) 飲水 137
nomimono beverages 飲物 137
tsugi ji next man w/open mouth + 2 137
jichou assistant chief 次長 137
jikai next time, Playing Next 次回 next around 137
kan bureaucrat, government employee man with full belly sleeping under a roof 138
choukan chief of a government bureau 長官 138
jikan assistant chief 次官 138
kan -meeting hall, public building bureaucrat + eat (official residence) 138
betsukan, bekkan annex 別館 separate-building 138
honkan main building 本館 138
shinkan new building 新館 138
kaikan meeting hall 会館 138
Tokyo Kaikan Tokyo Hall 東京会館 139
a(u) kai to meet, meeting two noses under one roof 139
kaijou meeting place 会場 139
kaishoku banquet, dinner party 会食 140
kaichou meeting chief 会長 140
kaiin members of the meeting, member 会員 140
kaiwa conversation 会話 meet-speak 140
kyoukai association, society 協会 140
Nichibei Kyoukai Japan-America Society 日米協会 140
sha place where people meet to undertake a social project sacrfice on altar with earth 141
kaisha company, firm 会社 141
shain employee 社員 141
shakai society 社会 141
kabushiki kaisha corporation (abbreviated K.K.) 株式会社 stock-style association-undertaking 142
kabu tree-stump, stock (as in shares) two trees (see book) 142
kabunushi stockholder 株主 stock-master 143
shou business merchant opening box to display wares 143
shouten shop 商店 143
shoutengai shopping district 商店街 143
shousha trading company 商社 143
shounin merchant 商人 143
shouhin trade goods 商品 143
kami shin, jin god sacrificial altar plus god in the center of the sun 144
jinja shinto shrine 神社 god-shrine 144
jinguu important shinto shrine 神宮 144
kin prohibition don't enter the (king's) holy forest 144
chuushakinshi No Parking 駐車禁止 145
tachiirikinshi Keep Out 立入禁止 145
kinen No Smoking 禁煙 145
usetsukinshi No Right Turn 右折禁止 145
matsuri festival hand holding meat over altar 145
tano(shii) gaku, raku enjoyment, music chinese drum and cymbal set 146
gakki musical instrument 楽器 music-utensil 146
ongaku music 音楽 sound-music 146
Yuurakuchou Have-Pleasure-Town (district near Ginza) 有楽町 146
kusuri medicine pleasure + plants 146
kusuriya pharmacy 薬屋 146
yakuhin medical products 薬品 ?? 146
sai boundary, border edge of the festival 147
kokusai international 国際 country-boundary 147
mina, minna everyone me plus two other men 147
-kai -floor, -rank, -grade everybody in a terrace 147
ame rain 148
kasa umbrella people under umbrella 148
yuki snow rain + broom 148
den lightning, electricity lightning amidst the rain 149
densha train 電車 149
densen electric line 電線 149
denryoku electric power 電力 149
Toukyou Denryoku Kabushiki Kaisha Tokyo Electric Co. 東京電力株式会社 149
denwa telephone 電話 electric-speaking 149
ki spirit, energy vapor +rice for life 150
denki electricity 電気 electric energy 150
kitai gas (i.e., not solid or liquid) 気体 vapor-body 150
ki steam water + vapor 150
kisha train (steam train) 汽車 150
kane kin metal, ore, gold, money lots of ore in the ground under a mound 150
kinyoubi Friday 金曜日 150
kingyo goldfish 金魚 150
kinko safe 金庫 money-storehouse 151
gin silver two people eyeball to eyeball plus gold 151
ginkou bank 銀行 silver-go 151
Nihon Ginkou Bank of Japan 日本銀行 151
Tokyou Ginkou Shinjuku Shiten Shinjuku branch of the Bank of Tokyo 東京銀行新宿支店 151
suigin mercury 水銀 liquid-silver 151
za place where people gather two people seated on the ground under a shed 151
Yuurakuza Yuraku Theater 有楽座 151
meigaza art theater 名画座 masterpiece-theater 151
kabukiza Kabuki theater かぶき座 152
Ginza Silver-seat (Tokyo shopping area) 銀座 152

(c) Leo Hourvitz