Squaw Valley USA

Home to the best terrain in the Sierras, and the best spring skiing I've ever run into, Squaw is the mountain I can go to again and again and keep finding new places to enjoy. At right, my friends Beth Loughney, Larry Gritz, and Cynthia Duletgen bask in some springtime sunshine in early 1998 just outside the Gold Coast lodge mid-mountain at Squaw.

'twas a sunny day

Whether it's a storm day...

(Saddle/Rock Garden)

Leo go poof            The mountain is large in an absolute sense, but it's even larger than the statistics show, because there are so many nooks and crannies to go explore and hide in. Although Squaw does get busy, my advice is -- don't ride on the crowded lifts! Squaw is big enough that there's always another lift somewhere that's not crowded, and it probably has great terrain off of it, too!

...a clear midwinter day...

(Granite Chief)

Yee ha!

...or a slushy springtime day, you can always find somewhere at Squaw to enjoy it.

(Broken Arrow)

Gotta land soon
The Boys
You can get some nice views of Lake Tahoe from the top of KT-22 -- although mostly it's about the good skiing you get there! (Alpine and Heavenly definitely have the better Tahoe views).

Hi everybody!

Hi folks! This is the picture my head shot on the home page comes from. Too bad about the glove over the lens, huh?

At right, Charles demonstrates some gladed skiing in between the Big Red and Squaw Creek lifts, near Polson's. Be careful to turn left as soon as you get out of the ravine, though!
Sir Charles, styling near OLady
Alan E. Alan Eyzaguirre poses with the mountains. He hasn't yet thought about how he's gonna get moving out of this big flat spot again.
So go now! Like Cynthia at right, you to can start carving up one of the finest mountains on Earth. No matter where I travel to, when I get home I'm glad I get to ride at Squaw all the time. See you there soon!
C carves it up

For more photos of Squaw, see the photos from my Feb 2006 trip with Scott, AmyJo, and Gabe Kim.
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