Lake Tahoe and the Sierras

At left: the sun sets over Tahoe City looking southwest across the lake.

Since my first college trip to Squaw Valley, I've spent a reasonable part of every winter tooling around Lake Tahoe. Apart from the traffic, it's a spectacular part of the world, and well-populated with ski resorts, as you can see at right! (there's even a few I haven't gotten to, such as Boreal and Incline Village, that aren't on the map).

The resorts range from world-class mountains I'm always glad to come home to (Squaw and Alpine) to cheap places to learn (Homewood and TD). If you click here and keep clicking the next links, you'll get at least a capsule summary of the places I've made it to, including the recent back-country adventures at Donner Peak and Mt. Tamarack.

Or, you can use the map at right to jump directly to the sections on each hill.

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gone but still with us The Tahoe part of my site has to be dedicated to the memory of Ray Bloom, shown in the black shirt, with arms outstretched as always. A good companion, good friend, and good memory for us all, who introduced me and many others to the pleasures of the Tahoe basin before his death in a small plane crash.
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