Wrap Party

Tannen Zapfel-powered The last night we were all there, we started a wrap party at EIKK to consume some fine Red House ("Rothaus") brewery Pine Cone ("tannen zäpfel") beer. This was the best stuff that I had in Germany -- American microbreweries are coming along, but this pils from a small brewery in the Black Forest shows there's still more to learn! However, the best thing about it was the label -- it was a very graphic design-y version of a black forest lass (think of the St. Pauli girl in a bonnet) strolling out with a couple full pints. She was so designy that the rosy cheeks were perfectly round pink circles! I'll try to get a picture up here soon...
Raise 'em high! The wrap party moved on to a bar near the Hotel Ranaissance where we were staying, and as you can see at right ended up with a massive session of jelly belly in Bart's hotel room! Good thing we still had a couple hours to recover before our shuttles to the airport... Bart swore it would be fun
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