and my winter in Canada 1990-91

Photo credit: Dave Lavallee

In 1990 I had been at NeXT for five years, and I was ready for a change. I told the company I would be taking the winter off (they eventually gave me an unpaid leave of absence, although it took a walk around the parking lot with Steve Jobs to get there) and went up over Halloween weekend to find an apartment. I rented an apartment walking distance from the lifts and on Thanksgiving weekend I loaded up my car and drove to Canda. I spent the next five months snowboarding five days a week and having one awesome winter.

Here are a few highlights of the year! You can go through all these pages by starting with the first one and following the "next" links. For the best photos, jump straight to Leo in Action ;-).

Getting to Whistler -- Howe Sound and Squamish
Weekends in Vancouver
Leo in Action
Whistler-Area Waterfalls
Interior British Columbia
Big White
Lake Louise with Nancy and Dave
Banff Springs Hotel
Canadian Logging

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