Reviews of Worthwhile Media

Below are a series of reviews of books, movies, videogames, and other media I've encountered and liked. There are no bad works reviewed here -- this page is about reviewing what I think you should see, read, or play. If I've bothered to write a review here, it means I really enjoyed the work and I think others would as well.

Here's to happy hours of media consumption in your future!

A Hundred Years of Japanese Film
(Book) by Donald Richie
What You Need to Know
An Instance of the Fingerpost
(Book) by Iain Pears
The best historical novel ever
Battle Royale
Cult Cinema from Japan. Thank you!
Black Hawk Down
(Movie) Directed by Ridley Scott
War is literally interpreted hell
Blade Runner
(Movie) Directed by Ridley Scott
The basis for dystopia since
Embracing Defeat
(Book) by John W. Dower
Transformation through Betrayal
Grand Theft Auto III
(Videogame) Take Two Interactive
Immersive Amorality
Guns, Germs, and Steel
(Book) by Jared Diamond
Why do some people have all the cargo?
Kiki's Delivery Service
(Movie) Directed by Hiyao Miyazaki
My favorite piece of animation of all time
Medal of Honor: Frontline
(Videogame) DreamWorks Interactive
A Grittier Kind of Shooter
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
(Movie) A Film by Joel and Ethan Coen
The mythic South that never was
Perfect Blue
(Movie) Directed by Satoshi Kon
Hitcockian in Tokyo
(Videogame) Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto
Quirky and Fun, What more do you need?
The Economist
The best-written magazine in the world
The March of Folly
(Book) by Barbara Tuchman
History for those who don't read History
The New Japan
(Book) by David Matsumoto
Sayonara, Sarariman; but what's next?
The Selfish Gene
(Book) by Richard Dawkins
Greetings, Survival Machines
The Sopranos
(Television Series) An HBO Production
Move over, Godfather
The Way Things Go
Rube Goldberg, plus Chemistry 101